Police investigation into Michael Brown shooting was botched right from the start. Was it botched on purpose?

It sure doesn't look like Darren Wilson took the severe beating he claimed he got from Michael Brown.
It sure doesn’t look like Darren Wilson took the severe beating he claimed he got from Michael Brown.

My suspicion is growing that officer Darren Wilson knew the second he pulled the trigger he had screwed up badly, and the immediate response from himself as well as other officers arriving at the scene was to begin figuring out how to spin it so Wilson would get away with it.

Police actions in the immediate aftermath of the shooting were a long way from normal, and those abnormal actions are detailed right there in grand jury transcripts: Officer Darren Wilson drove himself back to the station by himself, cleaned the blood off himself and checked his own gun into evidence, all of which runs against Justice Department guidelines on how to handle evidence and crime scenes.

Other abnormalities that scream coverup:

[…] the officers who interviewed Wilson immediately after the shooting did not tape the conversations. The transcripts also showed that an investigator from the medical examiner’s office opted not to take measurements at the crime scene and arrived there believing that what happened between Brown and Wilson was “self-explanatory.’’

[…] According to the transcripts, the investigator, who was not identified but was described as a 25-year veteran, did not take his own photographs at the scene of the shooting because, he said, his camera’s battery was dead. Instead, he relied on photographs taken by the St. Louis County police.

When Wilson returned to the police department after the shooting, no one prevented him from driving himself. No one photographed his bloodied hands before he washed up at the station because “there was no photographer available,” an investigator quoted in the transcript said.

If this case had been allowed to go to trial like it should have been, Wilson would have been cross-examined properly and there’s no way he would have come out of it unscathed. It seems clear to me, more so even now, that the Ferguson police, right from the start, were there to fix the mess and protect Darren Wilson, NOT to find out what had really happened.