Pastor threatens terrorism unless America starts stoning gays

A virulently anti-gay pastor in Missouri who calls for gay people to be stoned says he’s going to “terrorize the country in the name of the Lord” until he gets his way.

Earl Carter says that if he were able to express his true feelings, “then I’ll be whipping sissies. You’re talking about gay bashing, it would be gay stoning.”

Carter argued that God should punish gay men with menstrual bleeding, hot flashes and pregnancy because anal sex was “hygienically crazy.”

“Barack Obama that believes in same-sex marriage, he’s going to be judged. Oprah Winfrey going to be judged. Al Sharpton, all of those people that says it’s alright,” he insisted. “You saying it’s alright for a man to stick his penis in a cesspool? Are you crazy?”

Carter concluded by asking people to buy a DVD of his sermon so he could make enough money to “terrorize this country in the name of the Lord.”