America doesn’t really exist anymore.


America doesn’t really exist anymore. The idea of the United States of America — from many, one — is deader than a doornail, thanks to the constant hate-trolling of far-right Republicans. Their hatred of President Obama outweighed their love of America, and thereby they were willing to destroy the country just to make sure Obama could get nothing done and would get no credit for anything.

They have also succeeded in making the country see any American who disagrees with their narrow political view as “the enemy.” And, with their constant talk of shooting, armed insurrection and killing anyone who has a different view, they have succeeded in planting the seeds for a generation of political violence to come, where “if ballots don’t work, bullets will,” in other words, “If we don’t win elections, it’s time to start shooting.”

And people wonder why government can’t get anything done anymore. Our government is a complete and utter failure and our politics have committed suicide, because one party went totally batshit crazy.

There is no recovery. To participate in our process any longer is to participate in the raping of a corpse. America is dead. It’s time to move on.