The stupid, it burns: Vampire edition

The brain of a pastor in Texas is so corroded by superstition that he wants vampire books removed from public libraries because they’re “dangerous.”

Nothing like the Bible, of course, with all that killing, genocide, fucking and incest going on. Why, that’s perfectly fine for kids!

Pastor Phillip Missick of King of Saints Tabernacle (KTRK)

Phillip Missick and other religious leaders have called on the Austin Memorial Library to remove books about vampires, demons and other magical beings from the teen section.

“This is dark. There’s a sexual element. You have creatures that aren’t human. I think it’s dangerous for our kids,” Missick, a pastor at King of Saints Tabernacle of Cleveland, told KTRK.

Missick is circulating a petition that requests that the “occultic and demonic room be shut down, and these books be purged from the shelves, and that public funds would no longer be used to purchase such material, or at least require parents to check them out for their children,” according to the Cleveland Advocate.