Guns and the difference between black and white

John Crawford

One of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of a black man holding a BB gun he had picked up in the toy aisle inside a Walmart store is being allowed to return to work.

The attorney representing the family of the man who was killed says he has seen surveillance footage that shows John Crawford (pictured above) was only holding the BB gun he had picked up and was intending to purchase when he was gunned down. Crawford was on the phone with a family member when he was killed.

This illustrates the racial divide between so-called “open carry advocates” who are white who make a point of carrying loaded assault rifles into stores — and everyone is told we must allow it — versus a young black man holding a BB gun he picked up in the toy aisle.

I wonder why worried shoppers don’t frantically call cops and warn them about murderers on the loose when they see rednecks carrying guns like they do when they see a young black man carrying something that just looks like a gun? What is the difference, I wonder?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. White guys carrying guns are just “defending their second amendment rights,” where black guys carrying anything that remotely looks like a gun must be shot on sight.