Dear America, please get help. But get it somewhere else because I can’t stand you anymore.

Watching pictures and video from Ferguson, Missouri, with “police” who look like military shock troops training their weapons on civilians, local government officials having guns aimed at them and being put under arrest just for speaking out, reporters roughed up and arrested by cops who look like army men, police ordering news media to turn off their cameras and stop covering the protests…

All this just re-confirms my opinion that America is an abject failure. America has been murdered by a cancerous hate, bigotry, ignorance and brutality that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt we are not a civilized society and we lack the collective intelligence to govern ourselves.

Dear America: I hereby resign. I’m done with you. I don’t believe in you anymore. You have too many stupid people filled with too much violence and irrational hate for me to care what happens to you. I give up. I tried to keep caring, but I just can’t anymore.