Telling it like it is

David Gerrold (from Faceobook):

The Confederate Party of America (formerly known as Republicans, but no longer worthy of that name) has released a new talking point — “Obama is a coward.” In unison, all the little puppets have repeated their own variations of the phrase.

Really? Just really?

Not one of those shriveled little dicks, not one of those pathetic little draft-dodgers has the courage to be a black man facing a hostile confederate congress, day after day after day, and never lose his composure.

Instead we get gasbag Limbaugh, he who never served, he of the Oxycontin and Viagra and multiple wives, ranting about insane conspiracy theories.

We get Gingrich the blowhard, the coward of the congress who bolted when his own people revolted, he who served divorced papers on a wife in the hospital with cancer, he who taught the republicans how to lie about democrats —

We get Allan West, the black quisling, opening his mouth and spewing more stupidity in a single sentence than Michelle Bachmann can do in a week.

And we get all the weaselly little fellow-travelers, whose grasp of logic is so convoluted, they couldn’t argue their way out of a Happy Meal even if they had Ronald McDonald in there to help them, all spewing more of the same crapola.

And all that any of these people are revealing is their own moral and intellectual bankruptcy. They’re not telling us anything about a Commander in Chief who acually believes that peace is a process — but they sure as hell are telling us a lot about their flimsy grasp on reality.

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