Even the shooting down of the Malaysian jet is an Obama conspiracy

No matter what happens, right wingers rush to the Internet or the TV and radio airwaves to claim it’s an Obama conspiracy to distract from whatever scandal right wingers are trying to gin up. This Obama guy seems to be behind everything.

With the apparent downing today of a Malaysian passenger jet by a missile over Ukraine, Rush Limbaugh was quick to suggest an Obama media conspiracy to get the border immigration crisis off the front burner.

Of course, just the other day Rush and other right wingers were suggesting the border immigration crisis itself was an Obama plot to distract from, oh, I forget, Benghazi or something. So apparently the jet crash is an Obama-engineered distraction to distract from the other distraction that was supposed to distract from the other distraction that was supposed to… Dizzy yet?

The only problem with Rush’s conspiracy theory is that Fox News also devoted lots of continuing air time to the coverage of the crash. But that won’t stop him from trying to sell this latest Obama plot. Hell, maybe he’ll accuse the Obama conspiracy of being so far-reaching that even Fox News is in on it.