Children’s immigration crisis due to law signed by George W. Bush

immigration protest

Just a reminder for the right wingers blaming Obama for the current immigration crisis involving unaccompanied children crossing the border — it’s due to a law signed by President George W. Bush in 2002 and reauthorized in 2008. Facts are facts.

Under a 2002 human trafficking law signed by former President George Bush and reauthorized again in 2008 with additional protections, Mexican unaccompanied children apprehended crossing the border are automatically returned without formal deportation proceedings because the two countries share a border.

But unaccompanied children from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala cannot be sent back without going through the deportation process, since that law ensured that America wouldn’t send kids back to a dangerous situation. (Honduras, for example, has experienced increased gang violence in 40 percent of its territory, while violence against females is surging in Guatemala.)

Authorities must instead process these children and determine whether they have credible proof that they cannot return to their countries of origin. Central American children are given basic care like medical screenings in processing centers before being placed with relatives or foster care until they can appear in front of immigration judges.