Voter fraud in Scott Walker’s recall election

Republicans are so worried about voter fraud. When a black person is seen at a polling place, they’re convinced voter fraud is taking place.

But it seems every time there’s an actual case of voter fraud, a Republican is behind it.

Scott Walker (WISN)

A Wisconsin insurance executive and Republican donor was charged with voting illegally more than a dozen times in four elections.

The Journal-Sentinel reported that 50-year-old Robert Monroe was caught as a result of an investigation into a possible illegal voting by his son in Waukesha County. But after his son denied requesting an absentee ballot from his father’s address in Shorewood, suspicion turned to Monroe.

A complaint claimed that Monroe voted five times in Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) recalled election. He also was accused of voting illegally in a 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, a 2012 primary, and the 2012 presidential election.