Latest Benghazi conspiracy theory shot down on Fox News

Fox News has been running hard with the latest Benghazi distortion, but they were stopped cold by someone appearing on the network, who explained exactly why the latest right wing Benghazi conspiracy theory was so incredibly stupid.

And surprisingly, the takedown was by one of their own: Geraldo Rivera.

RIVERA: Admiral Mike Mullen, appointed by President Bush, says there was no military asset available. I have investigated this from the Air Force assets in Aviano to the special forces in Tripoli and in Italy and in other places. Whatever was available in our fleet resources, AFRICOM, there was no forces that could have intervened. There was no gunship available as the myth suggested. There was no ‘stand down order’ given by concentrating on the — and the military is not the SWAT team. They’re not the fire department.

CO-HOST STEVE DOOCY: Geraldo, they could have buzzed them with a drone.

HASSELBECK: Doesn’t it go back to the first paints that they should have paid attention —

RIVERA: I don’t know. All I know is that when you, for instance, look at how we rescue the guy from the Mirsk, Alabama or how we go into the camps in Somalia, these are precisely planned, daylight operations largely. They involve three days of intense comprehensive plans — we have never, as far as I know, never mounted a rescue operation in the time parameters we had here, at all.

[…] RIVERA: Listen, I have been with so many fallen and wounded GIs from Afghanistan 12 times, Iraq 12 times, Somalia, I have a lot of African experience. If the jets Aviano had scrambled, they would have had to jettison their tanks at night, going over to a situation that they could have easily been taken down by a handheld RPG. To what end? We didn’t have a target.  It could would have been mounted, that mission was a suicide mission, it could not have happened.