Yes, Glenn Beck is still crazy

Just in case you were wondering, Glenn Beck is still crazy.

Beck says teabagger Matt Bevin was sent by God to unseat Mitch McConnell — whom Beck called a “progressive.” Yeah, McConnell’s the “progressive” candidate for teabaggers.

And of course, by claiming God sent Bevin, that means anyone who doesn’t support Bevin is going against God. But no pressure, okay?

Glenn Beck at FreePAC

“I will tell you I met the guys you had speaking. Some of them I’ve met several times,” Beck said. “Matt Bevin, I have not met. I’ve talked to him several times and I had a good feeling. But I am telling you, I believe that man was called of God.”

Bevin made national news last week after he spoke at a rally for legalized cockfighting, although the Republican insisted he thought the rally was more broadly in favor of state rights – rather than explicitly supportive of a state’s right to allow bloodsport.

“Let me tell you something: Mitch McConnell is as big of a danger to this country as Barack Obama is,” Beck told the crowd. “The progressive disease is in both parties. Big government is a philosophy in both parties, period. It is antithetical to the American system, period.”