Teabagger nut call for ‘return’ of Christian theocracy in America

A fundamentalist Christian teabagger wants to go after all the evil secularists and atheists because, apparently, she thinks America is supposed to be a Christian theocracy.

Sounds like just another nut.

The only trouble is, she’s the wife of a Supreme Court Justice.

Ginni Thomas speaks to Lila Rose

Tea Party activist Ginni Thomas, the wife of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, spoke to an anti-abortion rights activist who said that President Barack Obama was like a “tyrant” because the United States had a secular government.

In an interview for her column in The Daily Caller that was published on Sunday, Ginni Thomas asked anti-choice crusader Lila Rose of Live Action how to “stop the erosion” in America’s culture.

Rose predicted that history books would say that the U.S. “wandered from our principles, but we came right back to them.”

According to Rose, those principles mean that “god is a higher power than any man-made structure of government. There is a natural law out there that is higher than government, than man-made law,” she explained. “That’s what we need to return to. And so this idea that government is secular, and we have our faith over here, no!”