Celebrate the death of Fred Phelps? Or show compassion to the Phelps family in their time of grief?

There is a discussion in the gay and gay-supportive communities about the death of Fred Phelps. Westboro Baptist Church says no funeral will be held because they “don’t believe in worshiping the dead,” which is convenient since they’ve built their notoriety on protesting funerals.

When the news of Phelps’ death was announced, it was greeted with celebration and glee in some quarters, quiet satisfaction in others. But still others said there should be NO celebrating of his death, that we should be nice to the Phelps clan, that we should show them compassion.

I’m on the side of sci-fi writer David Gerrold who posted on Facebook that he was having a hard time feeling compassion for Fred Phelps because he’s not done feeling compassion for Matthew Shepard.

What do you think? Do you celebrate Phelps’ death? Did it satisfy you? Or do you think we should go out of our way to be nice and compassionate to the Phelps family?


One thought on “Celebrate the death of Fred Phelps? Or show compassion to the Phelps family in their time of grief?

  1. His family is in on this nutty delusional hypocrisy with this tool of a superior phony master G0D spell on the flocks, This is why the world is so screwed up because of all the phony religions and dogma laws, and are used as tools to control people and their minds!! Inorder to maintain as a civil society, religions need to be highly regulated as our Constitution for the people says about religions infringement on our
    Civil Democracy, as using a master G0D dictator for laws of our land, As religions hate the Peoples Civil Democracy of America and want to overthrow the USA to a ten Commandments of the Master laws, As of the 3rd world religious countries are dictated by superstitious stone age holy laws that master men made up to rule!!!…………………. joe

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