Another disposable person dies

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With all the hatred against homeless and poor people being ramped up by Fox News and right wing politicians, it’s not a surprise when things like this happen: A homeless and mentally ill veteran “baked to death” in a New York jail cell. His crime? Trespassing.

The medical examiner’s office said an autopsy was inconclusive and that more tests were needed to determine Murdough’s exact cause of death. But the officials, all with detailed knowledge of the case, say initial indications from the autopsy and investigation point to extreme dehydration or heat stroke.

Advocates for mentally ill inmates in New York say the death represents the failure of the city’s justice system on almost every level: by arresting Murdough instead of finding him help, by setting bail at a prohibitive $2,500 and by not supervising him closely in what is supposed to be a special observation unit for inmates with mental illnesses.