Atheists make Megan Kelly snippy

Megyn Kelly

Fox’s Megan Kelly doesn’t seem to be too bright. When an atheist claimed the 9/11 Cross is a religious symbol, she laughed it off. (I know, how dare a nasty atheist ever be allowed to make a point in a conversation with a Christian. We atheists are just getting way too uppity these days.)

Also, Kelly doesn’t seem like the idea of the atheists who died on 9/11 being commemorated at all. I suppose the memory of atheists isn’t as important as religious people.

The president of American Atheists told Kelly that the cross made from steel beams found at the World Trade Center site following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were an inherently religious symbol that did not belong on public property.

But Kelly argued that the cross was a historical artifact due to the circumstances of its discovery.

Attorneys for the American Atheists group have asked an appeals court to prevent the cross — which had been displayed at St. Peter’s Church, near the site of the World Trade Center, for five years – from being included in the memorial that’s scheduled to open in May or to also include a plaque honoring the atheists who died in the attacks.

“You want them to create something that was not there,” Kelly said. “You want them to create a plaque that says atheists died here, too. That was not there. That was not found in the wreckage at Ground Zero.”