Verizon is choking Netflix. What do you think will happen when Comcast takes over Time Warner?

The end of net neutrality is already having an effect.

Verizon has had a longstanding dispute with Netflix. But now that the FCC is no longer allowed to enforce net neutrality rules, Verizon is choking off Netflix, demanding higher fees from people who stream it over Verizon’s Internet service, and demanding more money from intermediaries.

Just imagine what will happen when Comcast takes over Time Warner and controls the biggest portion, not just of cable boxes in America, but broadband Internet as well. Comcast hates Netflix.

Netflix has already been effected by the looming Comcast deal. The video streaming service had been in negotiations with Time Warner to get some friendly real estate inside Time Warner cable boxes, but once the Comcast deal was announced, those negotiations stopped cold.

Comcast sees Netflix as a rival. You can bet your bottom dollar Comcast won’t give an inch to Netflix without demanding exorbitant fees from customers and the streaming company. If you’re a Comcast or Time Warner customer, say goodbye to Netflix streaming.