Idaho Christians reject the Parable of the Good Samaritan

A conservative Christian lawmaker in Idaho, with the backing of Christian supporters, is proposing a bill that would allow police officers, doctors, firefighters and other professionals to refuse to render aid to LGBT people on “religious grounds.” Yes, that’s right. A cop could refuse to come to the aid of a gay person if it violates his or her religion.

Christianity. Showing the love of Jesus, and screaming “FUCK YOU!” to the parable of the Good Samaritan every chance they get.

Rep. Lynn Luker outlined a proposal Tuesday backed by his conservative Christian allies to shield religious people from the threat of losing their professional licenses for refusing service or employment to anyone they conclude violates their religious beliefs.

Idaho requires professional licenses for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, attorneys, social workers, firefighters, police officers, real estate agents, and insurance providers.

The Cornerstone Family Council is backing Luker’s proposal, which is now awaiting a full hearing, to prevent the state from passing laws to block people from “living out their faith.”