Teenager shot to death over ‘thug music’

Recently we had a discussion about the word “thug” being appropriated by the right wing as a stand-in for the n-word.

A man who told a black teenager to turn down his music, and then went and got his gun, returning to shoot the unarmed teen to death, is now reported to have said before shooting him, “I hate thug music.”

Fighting back tears and visibly shaking on the witness stand, Rhonda Rouer testified Saturday in the Florida murder trial of her boyfriend, Michael Dunn, and gave jurors her account of what happened the night Jordan Davis was fatally shot.

Rouer told jurors that she had two rum and colas and Dunn had “maybe three or four” at the 2012 wedding of Dunn’s son prior to pulling into the parking lot of a Jacksonville gas station beside a red Dodge Durango blaring loud music.

“I hate that thug music,” Rouer testified Dunn told her. Rouer replied “Yes, I know,” and then exited the vehicle. 

Rouer went inside the gas station to get a bottle of wine and a bag of potato chips. Moments later, Rouer told jurors, “I heard pop, pop, pop.”