Bachmann says immigrants hate the Constitution

The GOP outreach to immigrants and minorities continues.

I’m not sure I can get my head around Michele Bachmann’s logic. (Well, there’s a sentence anyone can say quite often.)

She says the reason immigrants hate the Republican Party is because the GOP loves the Constitution. I guess that means she’s saying anyone who’s living in the US but wasn’t born here hates the Constitution. For some reason. Because Obamacare. Or something.

“If these were conservative Republicans coming here illegally, the last thing Obama would do is seek to give amnesty, citizenship, and legal voting status to the people coming into the country,” she said. “If you look at Hispanics today, 77 percent respond that they believe in big government and like big government. Fifty-five percent of Asians say they believe in big government, they like big government.”

“It isn’t the conservative Republican immigration policy that immigrants don’t like,” she argued, “it’s our stance on fiscal conservatism, the Constitution, patriotism, the fact that we believe in limited government and personal responsibility.”


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