Laura Ingraham wants to wall off Detroit

Laura Ingraham speaks to Fox News

Right wing talk show host Laura Ingraham says the city of Detroit should be walled off to keep the immigrants in, echoing sentiments from other conservatives that immigrants, minorities and other undesirables should be moved to Detroit and then sealed in to keep them from, you know, “infesting” the rest of white America.

“The people of this country, they’re smart enough to know that they don’t want to go anywhere near Detroit. Right?” she explained. “But we need to get these people from other countries to live and work in Detroit to save us because we can then wall off Detroit, apparently, so they can’t then move to other parts of the country.”

“Is that what Rick Snyder is gonna do?” Ingraham asked. “Is there gonna be, you know, is there gonna be finally a border enforced in our country? Except it’s going to be around Detroit.”


One thought on “Laura Ingraham wants to wall off Detroit

  1. This has already been tried — it was called the Warsaw Ghetto.
    FOX News commentators should really stop stealing so many ideas from the Third Reich’s playbook.

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