Homophobia is a traditional Christian value

Mike Huckabee is considering a run for the White House, and calls the Duck Dynasty bigot’s vicious comments on gays “traditional” and “old-fashioned biblical Christian values.”

The former governor was also asked about the whole Duck Dynasty controversy involving anti-gay statements that the show’s star, Phil Robertson, uttered during an interview. Huckabee staunchly defended Robertson, saying that his views on gay people were nothing but an expression of “traditional” values. “Political correctness has made it so that if you want to take a point of view that is traditional that holds to steadfast old fashioned biblical Christian values that are also by the way values of traditional Judaism and Islam then somehow you’re just supposed to shut up and keep that to yourself,” said Huckabee, who has started a Facebook petition to defend the Duck Dynasty star.  “But if you want to advocate for same-sex marriage we’re supposed to be very tolerant.”

It is to laugh at Huckabee whining that homophobia is supposed to be kept silent — when Phil Robertson uttered them IN AN ON-THE-RECORD INTERVIEW WITH A MAJOR MAGAZINE. And Huckabee is forgetting that other people have the freedom to react to Robertson’s comments too. It would appear Huckabee wants opponents to keep their mouths shut when someone spews a barrage of homophobia.


2 thoughts on “Homophobia is a traditional Christian value

  1. What was considered “traditional Christian values” was slavery, child and abuse of women in the first century. We have “Christians” who spend their time judging others while making pronouncements that do not hold much Biblical water. And then who do we listen to and who is made a fuss over? I leave this type of discussion to those who have more $$$ than Biblical understanding.

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