It sucks to be chased down, doesn’t it, George?

George Zimmerman falsely told 911 his girlfriend was pregnant [HuffPost Live]

George Zimmerman is mad. Is he about to shoot someone again?

Hey, George, it sucks to have someone chase after you, doesn’t it? At least they weren’t armed and weren’t chasing you down just to start a fight and then shoot you.

TMZ posted video of Zimmerman, who gained notoriety after shooting and killing an unarmed teen in his Florida neighborhood, picking up weapons with the girlfriend who told police that he’d pointed a gun at her face and forced her from her home.

Zimmerman posted a photo of the freelance videographer’s license plate on his Twitter account, which he started this week and uses the same name – therealgeorgez – as his eBay auction.

“Owner of this vehicle is pseudo media,” he tweeted Thursday afternoon. “Harassing me at the Sheriffs office today. Get a clue, I still wont talk 2 u. “