NRA wants all schoolkids armed

Because for the NRA it’s all about INCREASING the numbers of people shot, wounded and killed. That way, they can fear-monger about the scary black man coming to take their guns, and sell lots more weapons and ammo to the fearful paranoids.

NRA Floats Idea Of Kids Needing To Show Gun Proficiency “To Advance To The Next Grade”

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Obama accommodates Obamacare haters again

Wait a minute. I thought Obama was an evil dictator who hated Christians, was going to FORCE them to use birth control, abort babies and get gay married. You mean, he’s accommodating them AGAIN (like he has EVERY OTHER TIME)?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is developing a new way for religious nonprofits that object to paying for contraceptives in their health plans to opt out, without submitting a form they say violates their religious beliefs.

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Not so fast on the rewriting of history, Fox News

Ronald Reagan

In their haste to bash President Obama for his response to the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine, they praised President Reagan’s response to the Russians shooting down a Korean airliner in 1983. But they neglected to mention that President Reagan refused to end his vacation and waited FOUR DAYS before he responded.

It took one of their own to point it out to them, but even then, they kept up the Obama-bashing.

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Appearing weak in the eyes of our enemies

John McCain says President Obama’s “cowardice” led to the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines jet in Ukraine, and the appearance of weakness emboldens terrorists.

I have a question for Senator McCain: If that is true, was it President Bush’s “cowardice” that led to the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

And if the appearance of weakness emboldens terrorists, then doesn’t a Senator openly calling the President a coward give us the appearance of weakness in the eyes of our enemies?

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Those poor, poor American Christians

jesus enters

In one of the right wing forums on Delphi, they’re having a whine party about how, in America, Christians are so put upon, so oppressed, so hassled, so persecuted, while our socialist atheist Muslim gay Kenyan Nazi president grants all religious freedom only to scary Muslims while putting down and passing restrictions on Christians – like, not allowing Christians to discriminate against those icky heathen.

I’d like to ask them… When was the last time you heard of plans to build a Christian church that got national media coverage of people absolutely opposed to it, with people threatening to boycott a whole city, even threats of violence, if that Christian church were built?

On the other hand, when Muslims want to build a mosque, that happens a lot.

And about this “oppression” of Christians in America… Yeah, it’s really sad.

If only those poor Christians could live in a country where every single leader and almost all governing officials have professed allegiance to their religion. If only they could live in a country where, if a politician dared to say anything remotely negative about their gods, they were run out of office.

If only they could live a country that would allow them to build churches – untaxed churches – on just about every street corner and get all kinds of exemptions from local governments.

If only these poor Christians could live in a country that would let them wear religious jewelry or t-shirts proclaiming the truth of their religion, or display signs and bumper stickers about how their religion is the only true one and all others are doomed to hell.

If only they could live in a country that let them have their own TV, cable, satellite and radio networks, or let them have programming on even the so-called “secular” channels and stations. If only they were allowed to have their own movies totally tailored for their beliefs.

If only they could live in a country where Christians were allowed to have their own publishing houses, magazines, bookstores, music stores, knick knack stores, restaurants,  phone companies, credit cards, and so on.

If only they could live in a country where they could complain about an “atheist” billboard and have it taken down, or boycott businesses they think don’t cater enough to their One True Religion.

If only Christians could live in a country where people could make bucketfulls of money selling the idea that Christians are oppressed and persecuted in that country, merely because someone else doesn’t want to be forced to follow their religion.

Yeah, those poor Christians. They have it so hard in America. I don’t see how they’ve even survived.

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Telling it like it is

David Gerrold (from Faceobook):

The Confederate Party of America (formerly known as Republicans, but no longer worthy of that name) has released a new talking point — “Obama is a coward.” In unison, all the little puppets have repeated their own variations of the phrase.

Really? Just really?

Not one of those shriveled little dicks, not one of those pathetic little draft-dodgers has the courage to be a black man facing a hostile confederate congress, day after day after day, and never lose his composure.

Instead we get gasbag Limbaugh, he who never served, he of the Oxycontin and Viagra and multiple wives, ranting about insane conspiracy theories.

We get Gingrich the blowhard, the coward of the congress who bolted when his own people revolted, he who served divorced papers on a wife in the hospital with cancer, he who taught the republicans how to lie about democrats –

We get Allan West, the black quisling, opening his mouth and spewing more stupidity in a single sentence than Michelle Bachmann can do in a week.

And we get all the weaselly little fellow-travelers, whose grasp of logic is so convoluted, they couldn’t argue their way out of a Happy Meal even if they had Ronald McDonald in there to help them, all spewing more of the same crapola.

And all that any of these people are revealing is their own moral and intellectual bankruptcy. They’re not telling us anything about a Commander in Chief who acually believes that peace is a process — but they sure as hell are telling us a lot about their flimsy grasp on reality.

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Who knew America was that weak?

Right wingers like Louie Gohmert, the dumbest man in all of government, think that refugee children from central America will cause the utter collapse of the United States.

Unlike Gohmert, I happen to think that America is a lot stronger than that.

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