Cops at war with black people

Somehow a black woman in a red Nissan “matched the description” of a black male in a beige Toyota, so naturally they pulled her over and held her at gunpoint in front of her kids.

The only common denominator in the descriptions of the individuals is… you guessed it. They were black. That was enough for the cops to decide the descriptions “matched.”

Read about the incident here, and watch the video below.


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Ferguson cops left Michael Brown’s body lying in the street for 4 hours


After gunning him down, Ferguson police left Michael Brown’s body lying in the street for four hours. And immediately after the shooting, NO paramedics or other medical personnel were called.

He was just a black kid, after all. So, to Ferguson police, he was just an “animal.” Ferguson cops have constantly referred to black people as animals, rabid dogs and so on. Just your basic run-of-the-mill dehumanization from a hyper-militarized police force.

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The long history of police brutality


Police brutality has been going on for a long, long time, and it will likely continue because police officers are rarely held accountable for it.

It’s worth noting that police brutality happened long before our modern day militarization of the police force and the way we’ve dressed them up so as to be indistinguishable from an invading army. Now that they’re dressed and armed for warfare, the brutality is only increasing in frequency and severity.

Cops have declared war on citizens.

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The Christian version of America

As soon as they win what they think is a victory in court, some Christians IMMEDIATELY begin discriminating against atheists and others who don’t follow their religion. Let this serve as warning to what kind of society we’ll have if Christians gain more civil power.

It’s interesting to compare this to Christian fear mongering that gays and atheists are somehow discriminating against them… but as soon as a court ruling backs them up, they prove that they were just projecting what they wanted to do all along.

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Guns and the difference between black and white

John Crawford

One of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of a black man holding a BB gun he had picked up in the toy aisle inside a Walmart store is being allowed to return to work.

The attorney representing the family of the man who was killed says he has seen surveillance footage that shows John Crawford (pictured above) was only holding the BB gun he had picked up and was intending to purchase when he was gunned down. Crawford was on the phone with a family member when he was killed.

This illustrates the racial divide between so-called “open carry advocates” who are white who make a point of carrying loaded assault rifles into stores — and everyone is told we must allow it — versus a young black man holding a BB gun he picked up in the toy aisle.

I wonder why worried shoppers don’t frantically call cops and warn them about murderers on the loose when they see rednecks carrying guns like they do when they see a young black man carrying something that just looks like a gun? What is the difference, I wonder?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. White guys carrying guns are just “defending their second amendment rights,” where black guys carrying anything that remotely looks like a gun must be shot on sight.

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Kevin Sorbo: asshole of the day

So… it turns out Kevin Sorbo is a complete dick. He refers to the protesters in Ferguson as “animals.”

This was shortly after he went all gung ho against atheists, angrily accusing atheists of being angry.

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Teabagger says racism is all Obama’s fault

A teabagger complains that racism in America is President Obama’s fault.

Wayne Allyn Root, a Fox News contributor and occasional Republican politician, says racism wasn’t a problem until Obama “brought it back,” and what’s worse, Obama has made cops too “scared” to shoot black people.

“It’s like we’re reliving the 1960s with Barack Obama,” Root said on a radio program yesterday. “He didn’t come in to help us end the specter of racism, he brought it back, folks.”

Root offered some more old-fashioned race-baiting. “Is it not a racist overreaction by the police department that is scared to death of being called racist to allow people to loot and burn and do nothing but stand by while stores are being looted and burned because the people doing the looting and burning might have dark skin, and therefore if you hit one of them, if you arrest any of them – if you kill one of them in a gunfight – you’ll be charged with even more racism?”

Root says he plans to run against Harry Reid in 2016, presumably on a platform of making sure cops aren’t afraid to shoot black people.

(Photo of Wayne Allyn Root from Facebook)

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